Why Choose Kinsta for WordPress Web Hosting: The Ultimate Solution for WordPress Web Design

September 20, 2023

When you consider WordPress web design, choosing the right web hosting provider can make all the difference in the world. With the ever-growing popularity of WordPress as a platform for building websites, the demand for reliable, high-performance hosting has never been higher. In this article, we’ll explore why Kinsta stands out as the preferred choice for WordPress web hosting and why it should be your top consideration.

A Hosting Partner that Understands WordPress

Kinsta has earned its reputation as one of the premier WordPress web hosting providers. It achieved this status focusing exclusively on hosting WordPress sites. This specialisation means they understand the platform inside and out, allowing them to optimize their infrastructure for the unique demands of WordPress.

1. Daily Auto-Backups for Peace of Mind

When managing a WordPress website, ensuring that your data is secure is paramount. Kinsta’s daily auto-backup feature takes the hassle out of data protection. They automatically back up your entire site every day, ensuring that you can easily restore your site to a previous state in case of any issues or data loss.

2. Staging Environments with One-Click Production Deploy

One of the key elements of successful WordPress web design is thorough testing before deploying changes to your live site. Kinsta offers staging environments, making it easy to create a copy of your website for testing and development. With one-click production deployment, you can seamlessly implement changes once you’re satisfied with the results.

3. Hassle-Free Plugin Updates

Outdated plugins can pose a security risk and affect your site’s performance. Kinsta simplifies the process by allowing you to update plugins directly from their control panel. This feature saves time and ensures your WordPress site remains secure and up to date.

4. Cloudflare CDN and Edge Caching for Lightning-Fast Loading Times

In today’s fast-paced digital world, website speed is critical. Kinsta partners with Cloudflare to offer a powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN) and edge caching. This means your site’s content is distributed across servers worldwide, resulting in faster load times for your visitors, regardless of their location.

5. New Relic Integration for In-Depth Performance Monitoring

Effective WordPress web design requires constant monitoring of your site’s performance. Kinsta integrates with New Relic, a leading performance monitoring tool, to provide you with valuable insights into your website’s speed and stability. This information empowers you to make data-driven decisions to optimise your site further.

6. Hacker Guarantee: Your Security is Our Priority

Security is a top concern for website owners. Kinsta understands this and offers a hacker guarantee. In the unfortunate event that your site gets hacked, Kinsta will not only restore it to its previous state but also clean it thoroughly to ensure it’s free from any vulnerabilities.

Why Kinsta?

So, why should you choose Kinsta for your WordPress web hosting needs? Beyond these compelling features, Kinsta’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets them apart. With a team of WordPress experts available 24/7 to provide support, you can rest assured that your website is in good hands.

Moreover, Kinsta’s infrastructure is built on Google Cloud Platform, utilising the latest technology to deliver unparalleled speed and reliability. Your WordPress site will benefit from the same infrastructure that powers Google’s services.


In the world of WordPress web design, your choice of hosting provider can make or break your website’s success. Kinsta’s commitment to WordPress, daily backups, staging environments, plugin updates, Cloudflare CDN, New Relic integration, and a hacker guarantee make them the clear choice for anyone looking to create, manage, or redesign a WordPress website.

If you’re serious about WordPress web design and want the best possible hosting experience, Kinsta should be at the top of your list. Trust in a hosting provider that understands WordPress inside and out, ensuring your site is in safe and capable hands.

With Kinsta as your hosting partner, your WordPress website is poised for success, with top-notch performance, security, and support that’s second to none. Make the smart choice for your WordPress web design journey—choose Kinsta.



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